Sealing gaskets on a support

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Gasket on support


  • Design Flexibility.

The pattern or shape of the area to be sealed is practically unlimited in shapes and contours. It adapts to the most complex distributions of any sealing requirement regardless of the proximity to small holes and external contours.

  • Thickness reduction concept

Downsizing is increasingly necessary in today's automotive and component design to reduce weight and thus energy consumption.

  • Cost savings
    • Reduction of raw materials
    • Reduction of required assemblies
    • Reduced machining requirements for complex geometries.
    • Reduced lead times.
  • Assembly Simplification.

When there are a large number of holes to seal, a single piece of printed gasket can save a great deal of work in assembling those tens or even hundreds of O-rings and thus reduce the risk of assembly errors.

  • Operation under high pressure.

Reinforcement is obtained by printing on paper or metal bases. The selective contact gives a high clamping pressure. At high pressure, controlled tightening will allow fewer bolts and lighter components, and in some cases a lower level of component surface finish.

  • Low pressure operation.

For low-pressure joints, the high elasticity of the sealant allows it to conform to a high degree of surface irregularity. In many cases, an effective seal is obtained on unmachined cast iron components, resulting in significant cost savings.


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