GIS Policy

The world changes and at Embega
we change with the world


Embega S.Coop's Policy establishes as a basic requirement the establishment of an Integrated Management System following the principles of Business Excellence.

  • Built from our cooperative principles and our values, our Management Model meets the expectations of our stakeholders. Through it, we seek the commitment to achieve and maintain the satisfaction of our customers by applying continuous improvement on our processes, with criteria of economic efficiency and optimal internal operation.
  • Comply with applicable legislation, regulations and/or standards, the requirements of interested parties. Prevent impacts and occupational risks, avoiding, evaluating and combating them.
  • To ensure compliance, continuous improvement and effectiveness of the Quality Management System, EMS, and OHSMS, through the establishment of objectives, indicators and internal and external audits.
  • We will integrate quality management, commitment to the environment, health and safety in all our operations without compromising these values against profits or production.
  • Ensure participation, training and information to all interested parties by providing the necessary resources.
  • Embega, S.Coop., through the Governing Board and the Board of Directors, is committed to promoting equal opportunities between men and women and rewarding our human team on the basis of their merits, training and performance.
  • - Establish a communication channel, open to receive, document and respond to the relevant requirements of external and internal stakeholders in relation to aspects of the Integrated Management System.
  • Conduct an annual review of the Integrated System to determine its effectiveness, its adaptation to the needs of the company, changing circumstances, whether it is adequate to achieve the established objectives, and establish recommendations for the overall improvement of the Integrated Management System. as well as the review and validation of the policy itself.

Embega ensures that its IMS Policy is understood and accepted by all internal personnel and is available to all interested parties.