Printed sealing gaskets

We advise our customers for any kind of applications, and we are present in markets as different as pneumatics, oleo hydraulics, automotive, electronics, household appliances...

We are experts in designing sealing solutions based on screen printing, considering the requirements of our customers, covering a wide range of temperatures, pressures, and types of fluids to be sealed.

We are experts in designing sealing solutions based on screen printing.

We select the most suitable substrates, elastomers, and processes to guarantee sealing. Our development team is continuously improving our polymers to ensure proper sealing for our customers' changing requirements.




a. Automotive

With more than 40 years of proven experience in the world of sealing and knowing the quality standards of the automotive market, we supply products based on our customers' specifications.

Market solutions:

  • Engine seals: cylinder head, crankcase...
  • Gaskets for braking systems
  • Exhaust sealing:
  • Transmission sealing
  • Hydraulic circuit sealing
  • Custom developments for battery stacks
  • - Cockpit acoustic solutions: Batz pedal board gaskets

b. Industrial automotive

The industrial automotive sector is constantly evolving but remains very demanding in terms of specific know-how. We can prototype parts with definitive production means in 4 weeks, which gives this technology a significant advantage over others, with lead times of more than 3-4 months.

We offer the knowledge and methodology of advanced quality planning (APQP, PAPP…), and IMDS registration of the material.

We incorporate to the designs our extensive experience in polymers and their special resistance to oils, glycols, or high temperatures.



a. Hydraulics, Industrial Pneumatics

From Embega, we design and manufacture sealing gaskets that optimize the sealing of any joint.

We have a wide experience and product portfolio, in which we meet the needs of each customer to provide the optimal sealing solution for any application.

Examples of market solutions:


b. Industrial vacuum

A wide range of industrial processes require the use of vacuum. In Embega we have a wide experience in applications related to packaging, bottling, drying, gas extraction....

From EMBEGA, we design the necessary seals for each of these applications, adapting the design of the seal to the specific need.

Examples of application of our products:

  • Valves
  • Distributors
  • Vacuum pumps

c. Electrical

Within the industrial electrical sector, EMBEGA manufactures sealing solutions for electrical cabinets, electrical connections, electrical actuators offering sealing solutions that guarantee insulation against dust and atmospheric agents.



a. White goods

Within the white goods market, we cover a wide range of sealing needs: gaskets for kitchen and oven controls, for irons, coffee makers, grinders, washing machines, dryers, etc.

Our fully customizable products meet the high requirements in terms of temperature resistance, mechanical strength, and electrical insulation, which this sector demands.


b. Electrical switchgear

Within the electrical switchgear market, we provide specialized solutions with very high levels of sealing to prevent dust and humidity. In this way, we ensure the total integrity of all electrical components protected by our products.


c. Access

We provide special solutions to prevent atmospheric agents from deteriorating the electronic products of access locks. We have been providing customized solutions to this market for more than 15 years.

Other markets


a. Energy

We provide solutions for all types of sectors and energy is one of them. We are aware of the energy transformation and at Embega we contribute our grain of sand with customized solutions that meet the special needs of this sector on the road to a more sustainable future,

with products on the market for different applications in the sector, such as wind turbines, charging inverters, car chargers...


b. Healthcare

Within the healthcare market, we cover a wide range of sealing needs: from gaskets for operating tables to sealing solutions for medical equipment.

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