Solutions created from
the customer's needs

Embega actively participates in different projects with the intention of continuing to write our future. These projects are framed in the following developments:

  • Development of new metallic finishes
  • Cost reduction and optimization of materials
  • Sensorization of metallic surfaces
  • Printed and integrated lighting
  • Transparent sensing solutions
  • Touchless sensing
  • Development of printed sensors
  • In-mold electronics (IME)
  • New concepts of human-machine interaction
  • Development of functionalized sealing gaskets
  • Plug&Play solutions

We are driven by innovation and backed by more than 50 years of experience.

A diverse and flexible project with a common essence: solutions created from the customer's needs.

We care for the environment and create solutions aimed at the welfare of the planet. Our projects are focused on the reduction of pollutant control and emissions. In addition, we have a solvent management plan, we carry out reviews and inspections for the protection of the atmospheric environment and our main emissions are volatile organic compounds. Emissions at all our plants are below the maximum levels established by current legislation. A group committed to the planet, always striving for a better future.


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