The world changes and at Embega
we change with the world

Any device and product we find in the market needs a user interface to interact with it. At Embega, we offer a wide range of human-machine interface solutions to guarantee a great user experience. Our extensive experience in manufacturing membrane keyboards and touch technology will help you find the best solution for any product.

Tailor-made solutions: Our products are fully customizable and able to meet a wide variety of specifications and unusual requirements.

Experiencia e innovación para encontrar la excelencia en las interfaces de usuario.

Capacitive Sensor

The development of new tactile user interfaces has led to the generation of new user experiences…

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Subassemblies / complete solution

We carry out the assembly and integration of different components to offer…

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Membrane keyboards

Membrane keyboards are the traditional solution for human-machine interfaces that have been consolidated for their robustness…

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Integrated backlight

By backlighting we mean the printing of transparent conductive inks and very thin track webs…

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Aesthetics / covers

The success of any product depends on the user’s feeling when using it.

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