HMI user interface

White Goods

Our engineering team is specialized in the White Goods sector, with solutions for the interaction with washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens... We have been designing ad-hoc for this sector for 50 years and we are experts in its particularities, whether it is an order of hundreds of thousands of parts or a few customized parts.

Seamless design: design of capacitive sensors and backlit solutions specially adapted to this sector.

  • - Ease of integration: capacitive keypads adapt easily to tight spaces and material combinations, and offer greater robustness and reliability compared to traditional buttons. They also adapt better to dusty and humid environments and provide greater design freedom.
  • - Backlighting: possibility of backlighting 100% of the control. Allowing feedback effects for equipment keystrokes or messages to the user.

Night/Day effect: with screen printing techniques and using transparent and semitransparent inks we create button hiding effects, allowing seamless surfaces and selecting which buttons to show and which not to show.


Professional Appliances

Within the professional foodservice market we work with the main manufacturers in the sector, offering them our know-how in HMI for the aesthetic development of their equipment.

We work for all types of professional appliances, where the demands on the HMI are much higher than in a domestic application.



In EMBEGA we pursue to lead the design and development of functional printed parts, providing creative solutions to our customers, adapted to their needs.

Currently, we supply projects to this market, meeting specific quality and delivery standards.

Embega is currently undergoing IATF certification.



We design membrane keypads and sensors tailored to the needs of the medical market. We adapt the design to the needs of durability, warranty, hygiene and function feedback.

Applications: membrane keypads and printed sensors, capacitive sensors...



We design HMI and solutions tailored to the needs of the home automation market, in terms of durability, warranty, connectivity and function feedback.

Applications: membrane keypads and printed sensors, capacitive sensors...



We have extensive experience in the design of HMIs for the industrial sector, where working conditions can be very aggressive.

In Embega we propose robust and fully customizable solutions that meet all the necessary requirements that this sector demands.

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