Business R&D Unit
CS Stirling Center


Since 2020, at Embega's facilities we share space and work together with the R&D Unit of the Mondragon Group's components division, which has been the first business R&D unit to be accredited within the Navarra R&D System (SINAI).

Tell us about your application and we will advise you on materials, shapes, finishes, etc...

The participation of CS Centro Stirling in different projects, both public and private research, has allowed us to generate internally a high level of knowledge in electromagnetism, fluidics, thermodynamics, materials and functional printing, as well as in design technologies and electronic manufacturing, communications and ICTs.

CS Stirling Center, besides having a close relationship with our innovation and development team, acts as a bridge between the direct-to-market product and the science and technology of its wide network of collaborators.

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