We support and work in all phases
of product development.

We design and manufacture the HMI and we are also able, through our network of partners, to integrate intelligence to this type of devices, so that their integration into the machine is fast, simple and effective (Plug & Play).

We accompany the customer at all times, from very early stages of the design process, to ensure the optimal solution for each product.

From Embega we support and work in all phases of product development. From the conception of the idea, through the realization of prototypes, to industrialization and mass production of large volumes.

  • Prototyping: Embega has in its facilities a functional printing prototyping laboratory, with specific equipment, with which we can respond in a very agile and fast way to any project we are facing.

We bring a manufacturing vision to all our developments, but we take advantage of the versatility and agility of our innovation center to streamline processes and provide a quick response.

  • People: At Embega, people are the most important thing. We are aware that people make the difference and are the most important asset of a company. Our team combines experience, knowledge, and passion to be able to face any challenge.


Embega actively collaborates with different institutions and public and/or private organizations, both nationally and internationally.


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