Solutions d'Étanchéité High-tech


Les matériaux avec lesquels nous travaillons normalement sont:

  • POLYMERS: silicone, epoxy, PVC, polyurethane.
  • SUPPORTS: cellulose fibres, asbestos-free materials, polyester, PVC, agglomerated cork, metals, self-adhesive supports
  • HI-TECH FOAM: polythene, PVC, polyurethane.

Depends on the material, we can work at the termperature of up to 250 °C, and the pressure up to 300 bar.

The unique advantages of EgaprintTM are:

  • Flexibility of Design.

    The sealing pattern is virtually unrestricted in forms and shapes. It fits into the most complex physical layout of any sealing needs no matter of closer ports and smaller lands.

  • Down Sizing Concept

    When down sizing is required more and more in today´s design of automobile and its components, EgaprintTM surely can give a hand by making possible a more compact structure so to reduce the size and weight and then the energy consumption.

  • Simplifying the Assembly

    When there are a big quantity of holes to seal, one single piece of EgaprintTM gasket can save you a great deal of work in assemblying those dozens o even hundreds of o-rings and thus reduce the risk of assemblying failure

  • Cost Saving
    • Material cost is reduced due to smaller dimension
    • Assembly cost is minimized by speedy and simple operation
    • Less cost is also thanks to the elimination of machined recesses in the case of complex circuitry
  • Improved Lead time

    Not only the cost, but also the delivery time would be saved due to the simple nature of the tooling and the high output.

  • Working under High Pressure

    Reinforcement is obtained by printing on to paper or metal bases. Selective contact gives high clamping pressures.
    At high pressure the controlled recesses will permit less bolting and lighter components and in some cases a lower standard of component surface finish.

  • Working under Low Pressure

    For lower pressure joints, highly resilient sealant accommodates a high degree of surface irregularity. In many cases it will give effective sealing with unmachined cast components and thus offers an important cost saving