Human Machine Interface Solutions

vs inlays + switches

Electrical Safety Low Voltage Operation: 48V High Voltage Operation: 230V
Mechanical Design Simple Complicated
Assembly Complete Integration of leds, resistances, diodos, buttons, EMI/RFI/ESD shielding Difficult to keep the same altitude.
Difficult to be parallel.
Difficult to center the LED to its window.
Cost Saving cost in mechanical design and work
Flexibility in the positioning of the electronics
Machine work to get the hole for the switches
Big electronics to cover all the control surface
The electronics have to be positioned in parallel to the inlays
Modification Easy,quick and low cost, only affects the buttons Difficult and costly to make the modification in mechinal design and PCB
Durability 1 million cycles with Metals Domes
5 million cycles without Metal Domes
Depends on the quality of the switches, and if there is mechanical structure to transfer the actuation (25,000cycles)
Tactil Feedback Smooth and uniform Not smooth
Small Batch Low cost High cost of toolings