For tumble dryers

CondensersWith one decade of dedication in optimizing the condensation technology in the domestic applications, Embega has been acknowledged as one of the most important European supplier of tumble dryer condenser.

This is not only based on our expertise and mastery of all the elements of drying functions backed up by the state-of-art design and testing tools, also our great passion and continuous efforts in improving the energy consumption so that our clients could present to the market a high level laundry dyer.

Our aim is Energy Consumption Level A

And to achieve this aim, we have been collaborating with some leading universities and R&D centers trying to optimize the condensation drying efficiency and in parallel searching for alternative drying technologies.

Today we are capable of designing a wide range of condensers to satisfy the requirements of any client and any dryer.

Tomorrow, we expect us to be getting closer and closer to Level A and we invite you to be part of this great project.